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Dogs Behaving Better with Positive Training!

Why Positive Training?

This method focuses on teaching dogs what they Should do, rather than what Not to do. If we can plant densely (with good behaviors), we’ll get fewer weedy behaviors!

Positive training is so much more clear and fun for the learner than the old-school methods. We use lots of reinforcers—whatever motivates the learner—to get the response quick and reliable, even with distractions.

Communication is very clear, consistent, and encouraging. And we set things up so that the dog can always be successful.

How Does Behavior Modification Work?

This is the science-based way to overcome problems rooted in fear and other negative emotions. It's a process that changes the dog's emotional response in order to change the unwanted behavior. It can also work the other way: we can change the behavior first, to change the emotional response.

Either way, the dog learns to feel and act differently in troublesome situations.

What is TTouch?

Tellington TTouch® is a nearly 40-year-old method of bodywork that facilitates training, performance, health, and behavior. Owners, horse trainers, dog trainers, and vets use TTouch in 30+ countries.

I am the only certified practitioner on the Eastern Shore.

Basically, TTouch helps animals to feel and behave better—physically, mentally, and emotionally. Old patterns of behavior can be reduced or eliminated.

Special touches and movement exercises promote calm, confidence, the ability to learn, and much more.

Instead of trying to "correct" behaviors that are actually symptoms of feeling unsafe or worried, TTouch allows us to help our animals in a very effective and natural way.

Why is Clicker Training Better than Obedience Lessons?

We all need the right information and motivation to learn new skills! The clicker (or verbal marker) provides the information, while the reinforcer provides the motivation.

The click communicates to the learner (1) precisely which behavior we like and (2) that a reward is coming.

Why is it important to provide reinforcement? Behaviors that are reinforced are strengthened or maintained.

Your dog learns that his/her own behavior makes wonderful things happen! This is very empowering and, for us, it’s a quick, fun way to teach just about anything: from good manners, to calmness and self-control, to tricks.

To learn more about marker training, click here: www.clickertraining.com

Discover how smart and well-behaved your dog can be!

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Dogs pay more attention to body language

Ashley & Icecream"If it weren't for you teaching me and helping Icecream, I don't think she would be half the dog she is. Now when we go for walks, she approaches other dogs out of curiosity, not fear. . . I don't know how to thank you enough."

    — Ashley     


Tellington TTouch®
"TTouch takes animals
beyond instinct, teaching them to think instead of react."
Linda Tellington-Jones

Linda Tellington-Jones