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Dogs Behaving Better with Positive Training!


I Come to You
Visiting your home lets me observe and work with your dog in her own environment, where she's most comfortable. I'll have lots of questions so I can fully understand your goals and possible underlying causes for the problem(s) you're having.
Our session will also cover management--various ways to prevent your dog from practicing the behaviors you want to change--as well as how to provide the nutrition, exercise, and mental enrichment that will help your dog to be happier and behaviorally healthy.

In between sessions, I offer support by e-mail to make sure you're successful at following through and dealing with any trouble spots.

Initial Consult. 1-1/2 hours, $125
While your dog checks me out, I’ll have many questions for you, to figure out what’s going on and why. We’ll discuss what your priorities are, and come up with a plan to prevent the undesirable habits until better behaviors can be learned. I may begin by doing some TTouch or demonstrating a new skill, depending on your dog’s needs. You’ll be given some helpful hand-outs.

Subsequent lessons are about 1 hour, $85

For homes outside Talbot County, an additional fee for travel will be based on driving time.
Please inquire.

Three-visit package:  $255

*Five-visit package:  $410 ($15 discount)

*Seven-visit package: $575 ($20 discount)

All three packages include a treat bag, healthy treats, and a toy chosen for your dog

I also offer a variety of products to supplement training: no-pull harnesses (and fit them), leashes, unusual food toys, calming aids, and more.

*These packages come with the option of day training, where I do all or most of the training for you! More gets done faster this way—and it’s a great convenience for people who are too busy or just want to watch how clicker training works instead of learning it themselves.  Each week, I come two or three times while you’re home or at work, and then we get together to show you how to get the same results.

Discover how smart and well-behaved your dog can be!



Baywater Animal Rescue

Dog Training
for All Life Stages:

Puppies need basic foundation skills, especially attention and impulse control, to get them off on the right paw.

Adolescents need continuing
education, to teach them polite
ways to get what they want.
(Many bad behaviors have been accidentally reinforced.) Let's help them straighten out with positive methods, not corrections.

Adults are never too old to learn
new good habits to replace the undesirable ones.

Seniors often develop physical
issues that affect their emotional
balance, causing new fears.

TTouch Can Help Training Work Faster

After One Visit:

Ashley & Icecream"Gretchen has been like a different dog since you worked with us. I have been able to get great communication with her. She seems to love learning and we are really working well together. . . . Thank you so much for your time, expertise and most of all patience. "

    — Vicki A.