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Dogs Behaving Better with Positive Training!

Lisa Benshoff
Lisa Benshoff is a professional positive trainer, and certified Tellington TTouch® practitioner.

For dogs of all ages in Easton, Oxford, St Michaels, and elsewhere on the Eastern Shore

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Imagine your dog...

  • calm
  • confident
  • self-controlled
  • cooperative
  • more connected with you
  • happier and healthier

Whether you are looking for basic manners training or need to resolve specific behavior issues, I can help you and your dog.

Using only gentle, positive, and effective methods, I improve manners by teaching self-control. To get rid of most undesirable behaviors, we can teach appropriate replacement behaviors. When it comes to behavior issues caused by over-excitement, fear, or anxiety, the effect of TTouch work can be profound.

Many people also appreciate learning what they can do to get more attention, cooperation, and better communication with their dogs.

My approach makes learning fun and fast, by combining two amazing, powerful methods:

  • Clicker training—for teaching in a clear, engaging way, and
  • Tellington TTouch®—for calming the mind and body, and promoting confidence, focus, and trust.

Most people see improvements right away.

Let's get started!


Baywater Animal Rescue

My gentle techniques can reduce or eliminate:

"To see how quickly she went from "No way, dude" to "Oh boy, let's do it again" is AMAZING! . . . I'm just ecstatic that you've shown us a tool we can use again and again to make Kessie's life more and more enjoyable--you're the best, thank you!"

Ashley & Icecream

    — Fred and Donna F.     


Ashley & Icecream"Spicy is doing really well...We feel that she is happier and that we are understanding each other better."

    — Anne S.