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Dogs Behaving Better with Positive Training!

Lisa Benshoff
Lisa Benshoff is a professional positive trainer, and certified Tellington TTouch® practitioner.

For dogs of all ages in Easton, Oxford, St Michaels, and elsewhere on the Eastern Shore

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Imagine your dog...

  • calm
  • confident
  • self-controlled
  • cooperative
  • more connected with you
  • happier and healthier

The qualities that describe a wonderful and well-behaved dog go WAY beyond obedience.  And they can be learned, even by young puppies and by older dogs who got off to a rough start in life.

Whether you are looking for basic training or help with specific behavior issues, I customize solutions for your special dog and your lifestyle.

Using only gentle, positive, proven methods,  I'll help you to improve your dog's manners, well-being, and undesirable behaviors—including those caused by over-excitement, fear, or anxiety.  My approach offers:

  • Fun training games—for teaching impulse control, politeness, paying attention, and responding to cues.
  • The amazing, powerful TTouch method—for reaching the mind through the body. To promote focus, thinking and learning, good health, pleasant leash walks,  cooperation, and more.
  • Natural calming tools and techniques—safe, natural aids for dogs who need extra help in certain situations, so that training can be most effective.

As your private trainer, I will also share with you three essentials for improving behavior, as well as your bond with your dog:

  • A true understanding of how dogs think and learn—replacing myths with current science
  • Clear communication—including "listening" and nonverbal skills
  • Trust — for a true partnership, more cooperation

Most people see improvements right away.

Let's get started!


Baywater Animal Rescue

My gentle techniques can reduce or eliminate:

"To see how quickly she went from "No way, dude" to "Oh boy, let's do it again" is AMAZING! . . . I'm just ecstatic that you've shown us a tool we can use again and again to make Kessie's life more and more enjoyable--you're the best, thank you!"

Ashley & Icecream

    — Fred and Donna F.     


Ashley & Icecream"Spicy is doing really well...We feel that she is happier and that we are understanding each other better."

    — Anne S.